Leadership Corner 3: Let’s talk About “Ease”

In this 10 part series, we explore the Ten Components (ten behaviours) of The Thinking Environment® (Nancy Kline), and how understanding and practicing these behaviours has positively impacted my  relationships and interactions with others.

Principle: “Offering freedom from internal rush or urgency.”

This the ‘take a deep breath’ Component for me.  In mindfulness practices, one learns how to: “pay attention – in the present moment and non-judgementally to whatever arises in the field of your experience.” This resonates with me as feeling at ease or creating ease with another, facilitates my connection with them.

When I am in a rush or agitated, I am not at ease and I certainly don’t put those at ease around me.  My mind is not present, I am not focused or engaged, and I am certainly not in a thinking frame of mind.

I am a detail orientated, “black and white” person, and an organiser by nature.   A consequence of this is that I am also a worrier.  My mom always said that if don’t have any problems of my own, I will borrow somebody else’s, just to have something to worry about. This makes me very conscious (okay, not always, but I am a work in progress) how ill at ease I can make others, so I have to be very mindful of my state of mind when engaging with others, to not only respect them but ensure they can connect with me through my calmer demeanour.

Creating Internal ease for others, derived from providing a sense of comfort and security and practicing the first two Components of Attention and Equality create a solid foundation on which overall Ease can be created for someone else.

As we go through all Ten Components (behaviours), you will see how they all work hand-in-hand with each other, yet each one is so powerful on its own. PocketAdvisor helps you navigate the complex world of relationships, enrol for one of our Programs today!

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