Leadership Corner 5: Let’s talk About “Encouragement”

In this 10 part series, we explore the Ten Components (ten behaviours) of The Thinking Environment® (Nancy Kline), and how understanding and practicing these behaviours has positively impacted my  relationships and interactions with others.

Principle :“To be ‘better than’ is not necessarily to be ‘good’”

Competing with others in a thinking space, I would see as limiting my own opportunity to expand my awareness and grow.  The saying that two people can look at something and see something totally different, is exactly the reason one shouldn’t compete.

This is more my researched perspective than personal experience for now. The social construct in which we live has changed so drastically since the birth of human culture and communities.  Early humans had a responsibility to their own small social networks of cultures and geographically isolated settlements.  Being community based beings, they would rely on this culture and community for long term sustainability, coherence, encouragement, and overall wellbeing.

As humans and communities evolved, the nurturer and caregiver characteristics of the social way of being would ensure a reciprocal caring and upliftment of their own (immediate) kind, thus humans own survival and longevity continued.

Yet, mankind and technology have exploded in the past century or so and specifically in the past 30 odd years with the information technology boom.  Now with globalisation – it seems a community way of living and a generalised nurturing community social construct is replaced with competitiveness. Social media and the interconnectedness of businesses and social lives ensure that the growing greed for giving and receiving information continues with the ‘dog-eat-dog’ approach of being better than others and competing in a manmade race of narcissistic tendencies of self-promotion and competition to be the best.

When awareness of this destructive way of being was finally realised, a new value proposition was birthed – that of the values-based approach to business, leadership and connecting with others.  It is the new (or not-so-new) trend towards an integrated global and sustainable way of living and being. We need to return to our community based and values way of being to survive in a global economy.  This starts with the selfless act of encouraging others.

Leadership is about encouraging followers, drawing on their skills and character to move towards a common vision. Leading is about them and not you – and this is what encouragement without competition is about.

As we go through all Ten Components (behaviours), you will see how they all work hand-in-hand with each other, yet each one is so powerful on its own. PocketAdvisor helps you navigate the complex world of relationships, enrol for one of our Programs today!

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