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With 20 years experience in the commercial law landscape, we know that a lack of legal compliance is the foremost reason businesses fail. We also understand that quality legal services are expensive and often out of reach for many Entrepreneurs. And that even for those that can afford and engage legal services, the maze of regulation is often too challenging to navigate sustainably.

More Entrepreneurs would grow and scale their businesses if legal knowledge is made more accessible, affordable, and packaged in a human way.

That is why award-winning lawyer Nicolene Schoeman-Louw created PocketAdvisor. Our sessions are presented with or without facilitation so that you can access an expert throughout the course.

In addition, we test participants’ knowledge throughout the course to ensure optimal understanding and absorption is achieved. Further to this each module is supported by the downloadable (free to course participants) contracts needed to enable you, the participants, to immediately implement learnings and to ensure practical experience cements the knowledge into the business.


Presenting expert legal knowledge and practical resources in a more helpful way to make it more accessible and affordable to Entrepreneurs seeking to become legally compliant.


To tangibly help more Entrepreneurs become legally compliant, assess avoidable legal risks and grow their businesses.  So that each Entrepreneur can actively participate in the creation of a more participatory economy.

Nicolene Schoeman-Louw

Founder and Managing Director, PocketAdvisor (Pty) Ltd
Attorney | Conveyancer |Notary Public | Mediator – Managing Director, SchoemanLaw Inc
LLB cum laude LLM (UFS) PGDip FP (US)

Legal Project Practitioner |Accredited Extended DISC® Consultant | Growthwheel® Business Advisor

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