Have you heard the story about the law firm that gets to work on a typical Monday just to find all their computers display a ransom message? Sound more like a legal drama than real life? What if I told you that firm was based in the small town of Saldanha, on the West Coast?

Well, the point is – this is no longer a sci-fi threat, which provides is entertainment to us.

How about the Facebook breaches (not one but many)? How about our own Old Mutual, Liberty and Department of Justice.

No one is immune, and we should all be vigilant. The result could not just be loss of data but a damages claim or even criminal and other sanctions. The point is, the stakes are high!

How can you avoid this from happening? Here are a few tips:

  1. Understand the concept of data – in regards to both yourself and your customers/stakeholders
  2. Understand what you should do to protect yourself
  3. Be smart – once you understand what is expected, you can select suppliers and partners who would not senselessly expose yourself.

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Nicolene Schoeman-Louw