For anyone who has been charged with expanding business and thus the team, one thing is for sure, people are dynamic beings and often unpredictable.

It is also true that without a team, and if you do not create future leaders in your organisation, there is little to no prospect of long-term sustainability and continuity. It, therefore, goes without saying that a well-functioning team is worth gold. But what about the stories entrepreneurs rarely share with one another?! These often become stories of shame that are not shared and therefore, there is little opportunity to learn and grow without experiencing the same challenges yourself.

I, therefore, decided to share some of the experiences I have encountered over the years. As I am writing this, I cannot but now find some of my experiences humorous (now):

  1. There was one who sat on his employer’s chair and took selfies whenever she was not in her office….
  2. Then there was one that started employment, worked out his first day and never came back.
  3. I cannot but mention the one who lost all sight of ethics and inflated her timesheets. Or the one that called in sick, after claiming she hurt her foot. That later elaborated into being ill and needing an operation. Lastly, having been kidnapped by her ex-boyfriend and therefore, could not come to work for over a week.

I also remember a situation where, after the hearing, the employee was dismissed. He screamed profanities out the front door (and down ten flights of stairs). Or the one that after being found guilty of assaulting a co-worker, had to get that last swing in.

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Nicolene Schoeman-Louw