We often get asked this critical question – what is a good investment? Not in a financial product context, of course, but in the context of whether you are seeking to start a business or join someone in business or have someone join you.

Essentially, this is about what makes a good company and also, what does it mean to be a shareholder?

In baking, we know that several core ingredients are added to give a specific dish its inherent characteristics. For example, a cake needs flour, butter, eggs, baking powder and sugar. However, every family has a secret recipe boasting to be the best cake, including adding vanilla or other extract, nuts, chocolate or fruits, to name a few. And of course, some people are good at baking, others at decorating and some both.

In my view, this is a crucial point in how you should view your business. What is it that sets you apart, and who are the people on the bus with you? What do you need?

What does it mean to hold shares? Well – it’s representative of your investment, as the registration papers for owning a car. However, more than that – it represents what you have invested – whether it is time, skill or money. The core aim is to yield a return on this investment that is better than the interest rate at the bank and, yes, beats inflation. Therefore, it is critical to baking the very best cake that excites the tastebuds and that you can successfully reproduce it.

At PocketAdvisor, we teach you how to secure the recipe for your cake. Whilst ensuring that you build solid relationships enabling your business to grow and scale so that your investment does so. Contact us for more information on how we can help you make better decisions, enrol for one of our Programs today!

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Nicolene Schoeman-Louw