Early Stage

Getting Your Business Going

Who should join this Program?

Anyone who is considering starting a business or has already started but is not actively employing staff

Module 1 – Planning your Business

Creating a project plan for your business


  • Project Plan

  • Company Registration

  • Income Tax Registration and Compliance

  • CSD Registration

  • Department of Labour (Workmens’ Compensation) Registration

Module 2 – Legal Foundations

Basic company and legal structures overview


  • Memorandum of Incorporation

  • Shareholders Agreement

Module 3 – Business Basics

Aligning personal / partner and business purpose, values and goals


  • Business Values

  • Personal Goals

  • Business Goals

  • Promise, Vision, Mission and CSFs

Module 4 – Financial Literacy

Accounting principles, financial measurables and budgeting basics

Module 5 – Solidifying Relationships

A practical look at the differences between Shareholders and Directors as well as the required documents to manage those

Module 6 – Solidifying Relationships

Employment matters and outsourced service providers


  • Supplier Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Agency Agreement

  • Distribution Agreement

Module 7 – Procurement

Guidelines and legal framework

Module 8 – Solidifying Relationships

Managing client Expectations profitably


  • EME and QSE BBBEE Affidavit

  • Client Terms and Conditions

  • Letter Demanding Payment

  • Acknowledgement of Debt

Module 9 – Creating a Sustainable entity

Employment matters and outsourced service providers

Price: R1895