Intermediate Stage

Transforming Your Business into a Growth Structure | Critical and Strategic Thinking 

Who should join this Program?

Anyone who has started a business, is actively employing staff but has not formlised its board or not created the necessary distinction between shareholders and directors

Module 1 – Strategic Ability

Unpacking strategic thinking and action to provide a framework to move you toward your company goals


Module 2 – Managing Effectively

Managing roles, accountability and having effective meetings


Module 3 – Financial Literacy 2

Understanding cash flow, financials and forecasting


Module 4 – Material Legal Implications in the Companies Act for SMEs

Important legal aspects for growing businesses – pitfalls and tips


  • Memorandum of Incorporation

  • Shareholders Agreement

  • JV Agreement

Module 5 – Practical Aspects of the Companies Act for SMEs

Looking at the practical implications following on from Module 4 – pitfalls and tips

Module 6 – Legalities of Corporate Governance for Small Businesses

Establishing clear frameworks and contracts


  • Board Policies

  • Employment Contract

  • Director Service Level Agreement

  • Shareholders’ Resolution Approving Remuneration Resolution

Module 7 – Effective Team Building

Employment matters, alternatives and dealing with issues


  • Project Plan

  • HR Policy

  • Indefinite Employment Contract

  • Supplier Agreement

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

  • Agency Agreement

  • Distribution Agreement

  • JV Agreement

  • EME and QSE BBBEE Affidavit

Module 8 – Protecting your Brand, Ideas and Reputation

Managing outsourced providers, confidentiality, and Intellectual Property (IP)


  • Client Terms and Conditions

  • Privacy Policy

  • NDA

    Module 9 – Procurement and Pricing

    Breaking down costs, pricing and profit

    Price: R2595