Becoming a Better Leader

Leadership Development | Enhancing Self-Awareness

Who should join this Program?

Anyone who is considering starting a business or already owns a business and wants to improve their leadership skills.

Evolution of Leadership: understanding the need for collaborative connecting

Module 1 – Interpreting Leadership
Module 2 – Humans as Social Beings

Perceptions and Perspectives: understanding influence

Module 3 – Power of Perspectives

Effective communication 

Module 4 – Effective communication

Module 5 – Constructive Engagements

The art of listening and influencing; The Thinking Environment®

Module 6 – Facilitation and Mediation in the workplace

Correct procedures for effective facilitation / mediation in the business Environment

Module 7 – Learning Leadership

Practical guide to enhance leadership capability

Module 8 – Gender and leadership

A constructive view to leveraging gender strengths

Module 9 – Legal Leadership

Contracts, legal structures and relationships for becoming a better leader

Price R2595