Despite the challenges and uncertainties faced by start-ups and small businesses, South African entrepreneurs have consistently demonstrated remarkable resilience. South African entrepreneurs have earned a reputation for their tenacity, creativity, and determination. They recognize that navigating the complex legal landscape is vital for the longevity and success of their ventures. Many entrepreneurs have faced legal roadblocks, but they have chosen to approach these challenges with courage and a commitment to doing things right and responsibly.

It is this mindset that has led to a difference in thinking around how to set up the legal side of the business, how to engage with stakeholders and ultimately, when approaching a law firm, how to do so and ask the right questions. This background knowledge, often inaccessible due to time and cost constraints, has led to ineffective approaches.

At PocketAdvisor, our programs for Start-Ups and SMEs are structured around the legal requirements for forging valuable, healthy relationships. They are helping you develop but also maintaining, adjusting, or navigating when things are challenging. Users get a suite of legal templates and GrowthWheel access for free. 

Here’s how PocketAdvisor is making a difference:

  • Comprehensive Legal Guidance: PocketAdvisor offers entrepreneurs a wealth of legal information and resources tailored to the South African context. Whether it’s understanding company registration, drafting contracts, or adhering to tax requirements, this program provides straightforward, actionable insights. This
  • Affordable Access: One of the critical advantages of PocketAdvisor is its affordability. It ensures that even early-stage start-ups and small businesses can access valuable legal guidance without straining their limited budgets. Licences cost R4000 a person (legal services offering this level of output – typically cost around R60 000, if not more).
  • Convenience: Entrepreneurs can access PocketAdvisor’s resources at their own pace and schedule. This flexibility is precious for busy business owners who juggle multiple responsibilities. You can access our online learning material at your convenience and generate the contracts as you wish, as opposed to traditional office hours and long turnaround times.
  • Templates and Tools: The program provides entrepreneurs with a repository of legal templates, making it easy for them to create customized contracts, agreements, and other legal documents without the need for expensive legal consultations. This is opposed to spending hours with your attorney in consultation and often waiting long for feedback.

The fact is that when the economy is as tough as it is at the moment, entrepreneurs must spend their time working on the business, and therefore, efficient processes and systems become vital in doing so. We know your time and budgets are constrained, and thus, the legal side is always left on the back burner. We have a solution for you that will change your perspective and open the door to unlimited possibilities. 

PocketAdvisor is committed to entrepreneurs who want to take control – take the legal power back – learn how to ask the right questions, enhance your understanding of the legal side of things and forge better relationships from the start so that you can focus on growing and scaling your business.

Our graduates have increased legal compliance by at least 85% in 30 days and have gained access to supply chain, markets and funding as a result.

Join PocketAdvisor and take the first step towards unlocking your business’s full potential!

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Nicolene Schoeman-Louw