Effectively managing the disclosure of information in your business is not a nicety, but a necessity. It may be the difference between maintaining your ‘’competitive edge’’, untainted reputation and the failure of your business.

Although many commonly applied measures, such as entering into confidentiality agreements and imposing restraints of trade on employees serve to protect some aspects of confidential information. A question could arise though – what about legally questionable information? Particularly not in terms of the disclosure of information or matters of a generally unlawful nature.

The fact is a person or whistle blower who wrongfully or in error discloses confidential information may also face a potential damages claim (or other civil action), if the disclosure breached a confidentiality agreement or otherwise resulted in the business suffering damages.

As such, having appropriate measures in place is not just in the best interests of the business, its reputation and general preservation, but also in the interests of employees, contractors and stewards.

Accordingly, an additional important consideration is that of a zero tolerance approach to fraud or any unethical conduct as a whole. The message for zero tolerance should be consistently enforced, regardless of who may be involved.

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Nicolene Schoeman-Louw